Leaf Blowers

The California Landscape Contractors Association acknowledges and understands that public opposition to the use of gasoline-powered leaf blowers is based upon concerns about sound, dust, and air emissions. However, an outright ban of this valuable equipment would be the severest of all possible remedies and one that would eliminate its many benefits. A ban should be a last resort and enacted only after exhausting all other alternatives. It is CLCA's position that many such alternatives currently exist. MORE

Water Management

The key to landscape water conservation is efficient irrigation management. Urban CII Landscape Water Use and Efficiency in California, a study prepared for the California Landscape Contractors Association by Dr. John B. Whitcomb, suggests that a conversion from turf to other irrigated plants will not necessarily result in lower water use given current water management practices. In other words, efficient water management is far more important than planting "politically correct" plants. MORE