CLCA Staff

Larry Rohlfes CAE

Interim Executive Director

Larry Rohlfes

(916) 830-2780 x15

Larry serves as chief administrative officer of the association and has overall responsibility for CLCA operations and staff. He manages and directs staff, oversees the lobbying effort of the association, manages fiscal operations, serves as liaison to other construction and green industry groups, and oversees the general administration of all association activities and business.

Maria P. Abero

Member Accounts Manager

Maria P. Abero

(916) 830-2780 x11

Maria performs all internal accounting activities for CLCA, Landscape Industry Show, LEAF and LandPAC. She maintains all membership records and coordinates membership recruitment and retention programs and to ensure the delivery of all products and services to the satisfaction of the membership. Maria serves as liaison to Chapter Presidents Council, Chapter Services and Chapter Treasurers.

Kym Dreher

Events, Education & Tradeshow Manager

Kym Dreher

(916) 830-2780 x17

Kym Dreher organizes and manages seminars, conferences and tradeshows. She serves as the liaison to the Events, LIS, Education and Associate Member committees.

Susi Harris

Creative Services

Susi Harris

(916) 830-2780 x14

Susi is the artist & graphic designer responsible for CLCA's public relations, marketing, internet and communications efforts.

John Sassaman

Communications Manager

John Sassaman

(916) 830-2780 x16

John works with CLCA's members and staff on the association's public relations, marketing, internet and communications efforts.

David Silva WCM

Water Management Certification Program Manager

David Silva cwm

(916) 830-2780 x24

David oversees the Water Management Certification program.

Joan Waters

Staff Writer

Joan Waters

Joan contributes to California Landscaping magazine and supports CLCA's public relations, marketing and media efforts.

Administrative Assistant

Allison Weiner

As the Landscape Industry Certified Technician Program Coordinator/Administrative Assistant, Allison coordinates test applicants, judges and committee members for certification testing, maintains the online bookstore, oversees general front desk duties and much more!