Innovation, Imagination Change View Of Home Turf

If your yard is an extension of your home, you're right in synch with today's major landscaping trends. From displaying art in the garden to placing "pocket plantings" on the walls and positioning water features in the tiniest corners, innovation and imagination are changing the way Californians view the home turf. MORE

Enchanted Evenings

Are you limiting the enjoyment you get from your yard by scurrying back inside when the sun goes down? If you are, you're depriving yourself of some of the landscape's most enchanted hours. MORE

Great Kitchens That Just Happen To Be Outdoors

Whether you're having steak and ribs for a big bunch, or just serving up a fun feast of hot dogs and burgers for family, when you set up all the comforts of home outside, you don't have to spend all that time and energy shuttling back and forth to the kitchen. MORE

Splash Your Autumn Landscape With Color

As you go about making the inside of your home a cozy and comfortable haven from the months of dreary winter weather ahead, it only makes sense to create yourself a great view to the outdoors. Even if you don't want to be out there, you must include what you are going to see through your windows in your interior design plans. Window and door views have a major influence on your rooms, and in fact, in some rooms, they serve as major focal points. MORE

Specialty Gardens Bring The World Home

What do you want to see when you look out your kitchen window? A garden full of herbs? Roses? Flowering perennials? And how do you want to relax on a quiet evening at home? By taking a seat in the midst of a serene Japanese-styled landscape? How about walking through a Mediterranean-inspired garden you've had specifically designed for good looks and easy care? MORE

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